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With a range of exciting new functions and modes, the Thermomix® TM6 can help you master the most advanced cooking techniques.

Thermomix®  TM6 comes complete with: 

  • Varoma: 3.3 l capacity for steaming
  • Butterfly: Stirring attachment
  • Lid: Bowl lid with measuring cup insert
  • Measuring Cup: Improved measuring cup for easier usage
  • Spatula: Improved Spatula with softer, easier to use material
  • Basket: Improved simmering basket
  • Simple Ideas Cookbook

TM6 features: 

  • Smart, connected appliance with WiFi connectivity built in
  • Step-by-step guided cooking on 15.2cm x 20.3cm touchscreen
  • Browse over 60,000 recipes from around the globe on Cookidoo® directly on the touchscreen
  • Integrated scales accurate to 1g

The Thermomix® TM6™ features the following new functions accessible with the touch of a button:

  • Warm-Up: reheat sauces, soups, baby food, milk and more in no time
  • Sous-Vide: for perfectly tender vegetables and meat
  • Slow Cooking: for succulent pulled pork and stews
  • Rice Cooker: for perfectly cooked rice and grains
  • Thicken: for rich sauces, no whisking required
  • Fermentation: for homemade yoghurt
  • Kettle: for boiling water or stock
  • Pre-Cleaning: for removing sticky messes
  • Blending: for delicious smoothies and soups
  • Egg Boiler: boil your eggs to your exact preference every time

Technical Specifications Motor
Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor 500 W rated power. Speed adjustable from 40 to 10,700 rpm. Special speed setting (alternating mode) for dough preparation. Electronic motor protection to prevent overload.

Integrated Scales
Improved weighing during food processing allows an accuracy of 0.1 g throughout the whole weighing range. Also weighs negative values for extracting a precise amount of ingredients from the bowl.

Heating System
1,000 W max power consumption. Protected against overheating.

Maximum power consumption
1300 W

Maximum Capacity
2.2 liters (9.3 cups).

Mixing Bowl
Stainless steel, with heating system and temperature sensor integrated.

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