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Portable Air Conditioner WIFI App Morris 9000BTU


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About this item

  • Powerful Cooling – With a 9000BTU rating this powerful portable air conditioning unit is ideal for medium to large homes, flats, offices, bedrooms and many more. This stylish model will cool any room to a min of 16°C quickly and efficiently.
  • Smart Home Connectivity & WIFI App Control – We have pioneered an easier, convenient way of controlling your air con unit whilst on the move. We have added the latest smart home and Wi-Fi connectivity to our Portable Air Conditioning Unit allowing you to control the settings no matter where you are. You can also connect to Alexa or Google Assistant to take advantage of the voice control for even more convenience.
  • Large 24 Litre Dehumidifier – Not only is this model a powerful air conditioner you can also take advantage of the huge 24 litre dehumidifier. Connect the continuous drainage hose to the water out let and let the dehumidifier get to work on preventing any build-up of condensation, damp, allergens or mould. You can use this machine not just for the hot summers but all year round.
  • Window Kit and Dehumidifying Hose Included – Included with the Morris Air Conditioning Unit + Dehumidifier are all the components required to efficiently and effectively get to work. This includes an Air Vent Hose and Window Duct for easy installation in any interior space. Simply connect the venting hose and use the window duct to create a seal on either a hinged or side opening window. There is also a hose included for use with the Dehumidifier to continuously extract the water.
  • Energy Efficient – The latest energy efficient R290 refrigerant has been used within this Air Conditioning Unit as it is proven to have a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and has zero Ozone depletion potential. With an energy efficiency rating A, we have made sure that this air conditioning unit is cost effective when keeping you cool this summer!

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