Mini O2 Jellyfish Tank Starter Kit

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Mini O2 Jellyfish Tank Starter Kit

Mini O2 Jellyfish Tank Starter Kit is perfect for those looking to keep jellyfish as pets for the first time.

What Maintenance Is Required?

Jellyfish are no harder to keep than fish, you just need to follow some simple instructions!

  • Feed 1-2 times per day.
  • Change 10% of the tank’s water every week.
  • Clear up uneaten food debris as necessary.

What Else Do You Need?

Just add water! You’ll need 2 litres of Salted RO Water (at SG 1.025), which you can obtain from most aquatic shops. Or buy on our eshop.

What’s included…

The 2 Jellyfish Starter Kit comes complete with:


  •  Jellyfish (these are delivered separately, on a date of your choice – we discuss the delivery date with you to ensure no hiccups!)


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